Remove Negative Items from Equifax

Do YOU Need Negative Items Removed from Equifax?

This is a common situation for some of our more savvy clients and brokers:

You discover that the particular credit program you want to qualify for utilizes the information on your Equifax credit report to qualify you.

As we discussed in other posts, many funding programs and car loans use ONLY Equifax as the qualifying credit bureau.

It is absolutely CRITICAL that you get this credit bureau cleaned FAST!

Maybe you went through another credit repair program before, and they weren’t able to clean Equifax.

Many of our clients today originally hired OTHER companies to clean their credit, but for some reason, the main credit bureau you might need cleaned, Equifax, still remains with erroneous, negative information.

Call us.

Stellar Capital Funding can help.

You may be interested in a ONE-BUREAU credit cleanup, and we can help you get it done FAST.

See how this program helped a recent client in the video below.

Call us TODAY so we can help you get the funding and credit you need with a CLEAN EQUIFAX CREDIT REPORT!

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Remove Negative Items from Experian

Are Negative Items on Experian an Issue for YOU?

As mentioned in other posts, you may be facing a situation where ONE particular credit bureau is causing you stress.

Perhaps you have tried to dispute items, and the credit bureau didn’t delete them.

Even worse, you may have received a response in the mail from the creditors or credit bureaus that totally confused you!!

Remember, there IS a solution.

You want to employ the efforts of someone else to help your situation.

You want to utilize a company with the track record, expertise, and experience that can handle this situation properly.

Many people tell us they are having problems with the credit bureau Experian, and no matter WHAT they do, they can’t seem to get the negative items off of their credit report.

That can be a REAL problem if you need a clean Experian report in order to qualify for a specific loan or credit program.

Take a look at the client’s situation in the video below.

If Experian is an issue for you, you can be confident that we will use the most current legal strategy to remove negative items from your credit report.

Give us a try today!

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Get Rapid Credit Repair

Need to Clean YOUR Credit Report FAST?

In today’s fast-moving, post-recession market, many people are trying desperately to obtain credit.

Some examples include:

  • Buying a new home
  • Buying a new car
  • Obtaining business or personal funding
  • Refinancing their existing home or car

YOU may be one of these people.

If you have ANY derogatory credit items on any of the credit bureaus (inquiries, late payments, collections, judgments, etc), you will face some challenges.

You need to get these negative items removed from your credit report.

But how? There is so much conflicting information out there about how to address this situation.

You need a company that understands how to help you remove negative items LEGALLY, and how to stand up to the “Big Bad” creditors and credit bureaus.

Utilizing the applicable consumer laws, you can have negative items on your credit removed in as little as 7-10 days!

We don’t recommend trying this out yourself, because we often encounter people who have tried this strategy for years with no success.

Stellar Capital Funding’s Rapid Credit Repair Program!

You can see in the video below, that if you take a “proactive” approach to dealing with your credit, you may be able to achieve MASSIVE results!

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More Equifax Credit Disputes

Do YOU Need Items Disputed on YOUR Equifax Report?

You are surely aware of the financial hardships and losses many hard-working Americans have faced over the last several years.

Our country has seen record bankruptcies, foreclosures, and business loan defaults in these last few years, and behind every statistic there is a family whose life has been painfully changed, often permanently.

What can you do if you are one of these people?

The good news is that you DO have options:

Option #1: Attempt to take on this problem all by yourself, and use what knowledge and experience you have or can look up on the internet to face this situation all alone…

This will result in frustration, and your hopes for an improved credit situation can be easily dashed.

Option#2: Pull the covers over your head and pretend that it will all get better on its own… We have talked to a lot of people who say “I can just wait for 7 years and it will all fall off… right???”

Option #3: Find a reputable company that can help you STAND UP to the creditors and credit bureaus, and enforce your LEGAL RIGHTS, which can result in the removal of negative, erroneous data from your credit report.

Take a look at this client in the video below…

You may need the same type of account deleted from YOUR credit report, and there are ways that Stellar Capital Funding can help.

Give us a call TODAY and let’s discuss how we can help you with your credit situation.

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Remove Negative Public Records from Your Credit Report

Need Negative Public Records Removed from Your Credit Report?

What exactly is “bad credit”?

Often, people have more issues than just credit inquiries, collections, charge-offs, late payments, etc.

Those elements generally contribute to your credit SCORE, but there is another section of your credit report that many people do not pay attention to.

This is the Public Records section of your credit report.

In this section of your report, you often see liens (ex. liens for unpaid income taxes), judgments (often the result of a lawsuit), and bankruptcy filings.

If you have ever been through significant financial hardship, you have likely been the target of lawsuits from creditors or business associates.

Or, in order to protect your personal assets from these lawsuits, you filed a Chapter 7 (liquidation) or a Chapter 13 (reorganization) bankruptcy.

We see this situation every day.

You may think that because you went through this kind of issue, your credit is totally ruined.

This is far from true.

As you can see in the video below, Stellar Capital Funding can help you get the Public Records section of your credit report cleaned.

Utilizing the consumer protection laws in place regarding public records on your credit, Stellar Capital Funding can help you get them removed once and for all.

Call us today so that we address any issues you are having with YOUR public records!

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Equifax Dispute

Equifax Dispute Handled Professionally

Many people wonder whether or not they should try to do their OWN Equifax disputes.

We always find it easier to let experienced professionals handle ANY service that needs attention.

For example, would you go to a stock broker for advice on health and nutrition?

No, because that isn’t their area of expertise.

You WANT the guidance of experienced professionals when communicating with creditors and credit bureaus.

It simply makes sense to make the BEST approach POSSIBLE toward removing derogatory and incorrect information from your credit report.

As you can see, this client saw a much better result with their Equifax dispute process when they hired us to do the job.

People can get confused and led down a road of stall and delay tactics that the credit bureaus use.

Of course, you want good credit.

You DESERVE to have good credit.

You will breathe a great SIGH of relief when we are handling Equifax disputes FOR you, and you are doing things with your time that you would prefer to do.

Dealing with the credit bureaus is not a picnic.

We have seen many, many people simply give up hope after trying to clean up their own credit with disputes.

Stellar Capital Funding can take care of your Equifax disputes , as well as those being done with TransUnion or Experian.

Contact us today to set an appointment for a free strategy session!

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Credit Repair Service Proof

Credit Repair Service Proof of Results!

Many people ask us if we can prove that our clients are getting great results with our credit repair service.

People are skeptical about the big claims that credit repair companies. Some say “Can someone clean MY credit report?”

We understand that there are scams out there, because we talk to people everyday who have been victims of credit repair scam operations.

Before you came to this website, you were probably a bit skeptical yourself because of your OWN dealings with credit repair scams.

After you watch the video below, you will feel better about trusting Stellar Capital Funding to help with all of your credit report repair problems.

Many people think that they can simply dispute items on their credit report, and they will simply fall off. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, and the credit bureaus and creditors can be very stubborn.

This video shows how we deleted negative items from this client’s Equifax credit report.

As you can see, our credit repair service can delete negative items for you. Even though this video is focused on the Equifax report, we delete negative items from Experian, Equifax, as well as TransUnion credit reports.

We get results, and you can see the proof.

Other people may sit and wait for a miracle to happen and their credit to be fixed, but because you are more financially intelligent, you TAKE ACTION and GET RID OF BAD CREDIT NOW.

You want to get those negative items off of your credit report immediately, because they are causing you to be denied credit cards, a new home, or a new car RIGHT NOW.

We have a rapid credit repair program that totally cleans your credit reports, and this is the BEST way to get a fresh start and build new credit.

To get started, call us today and get a FREE EVALUATION of your credit situation!

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Repair Your Credit Report

Can You Really Repair Your Credit Report?

Yes, you CAN really repair your credit report, but you don’t necessarily want to do it by yourself.

The three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, all have different ways of gathering data about you and your behavior as a consumer.

You are already a busy person. Does it REALLY make sense to try to learn how ALL 3 credit bureaus work?

Even though some people have limited success with their own dispute letters, and their own attempts to investigate negative credit items, they usually hit a wall when trying to clean up certain types of credit situations.

Because you need results NOW and want to your credit report FAST, you don’t have the time to spend learning the entire legal and administrative process of cleaning credit.

Take a look at the video below. Have you ever tried to repair your credit report? This person did too.

The problem is that they weren’t having success.

We deleted MANY negative accounts from this person’s credit report, and you can imagine how HAPPY they were that they could get a fresh start with clean credit.

As you have seen in the video, we were able to do something that the client wasn’t able to do without our help.

You see, we are VERY EXPERIENCED in the credit repair process, and we know the law.

We know what creditors CAN and CANNOT do when reporting information on your credit report.

We also know what the credit BUREAUS legally have to do when they receive communication from someone who wants to investigate and/or delete negative items from their credit.

Most people are given the “run-around” and usually give up in DEFEAT.

They simply think they are stuck with bad credit.

You are smarter than that.

Don’t let the credit bureaus and creditors bully you and push you around.

Hire the best credit repair company in the business.

Call us today (347) 391-3448 and get a free evaluation of your credit situation.

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Credit Inquiry Removal Service

Do YOU Need Credit Inquiry Removal Service?

Most people are not aware how devastating credit inquiries can be to their credit score.

When you are out “shopping” for rates for credit cards, mortgages, and loans, you need to know how the lenders are seeing your application.

Every time your credit report is pulled by someone OTHER than yourself, you get one of these “credit inquiries” that shows up on your credit report for everyone to see.

They actually stay on your credit report for YEARS!

If you have multiple credit inquiries, you will be penalized many points on your credit scores, and therefore the score that the lenders see will NOT truly be a reflection of what your REAL credit looks like.

These pesky credit inquiries (also called “inquiries”) are so annoying because it is a slick way for the credit bureaus and lenders to control your options.

SHOULDN’T YOU get the choice as to which loan rates and terms YOU like best?

It is an unfair system, but you DON’T have to be a victim of it.

You CAN get the credit inquiries removed from your credit report, and WE can do it in just a few days!

See this video below. This person was being denied credit left and right because they were unaware how the credit inquiries were affecting them.

As you can see, by having US remove those ugly credit inquiries off of their credit report, we were able to give them another opportunity to apply for loans and credit cards.

A lender should NOT be able to limit you and control how many places you can shop for good rates and terms.

It is YOUR RIGHT to get the best deal you can for you and your family.

Call (347) 391-3448 and let us take a look at your credit inquiries.

Our credit inquiry removal service gets the job done FAST.

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Inquiry Removal PROOF

Need Inquiry Removal Proof?

Every day people ask us, “Do you have proof that you can remove inquiries?”

Of course we do. We have so many clients who are satisfied with our inquiry removal service, that some of them are even nice enough to let us provide the inquiry removal proof to you.

We know how frustrating it can be to deal with credit inquiries.

You didn’t intend to create this situation for yourself, all you were doing was giving lenders a chance to compete for your business.

In the process, the lenders tried to limit your access to options by pulling your credit multiple times (on purpose) so that you would THINK you were unable to go to other lenders and “shop” rates.

This client had multiple credit inquiries on their report, and she simply wanted to have options for home mortgage rates so she could buy a home for her family.

See the video below.

What’s more, we were able to get many negative credit items off of her credit report also.

Removing inquiries is usually just one piece of the puzzle for most people, often they have negative credit items that are also hurting their score.

If you are searching for credit cards or loans, you will usually have a tough time getting any approvals until you have ALL of the negative information deleted from your credit.

Don’t let inquiries hurt your score. Don’t be a victim of the credit inquiry “game” that lenders play.

Fight back, with OUR help.

Call (347) 391- 3448 today and let’s remove those credit inquiries NOW.

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