Removing bad credit information is not enough!

    To qualify for most loans, whether mortgage, credit, auto, furniture, etc., you need two things on your credit:

  1. No derogatory information on your credit (late payments, collections, repossessions, etc)
  2. Good borrowing history (2+ years of on-time payments)

As you know, Stellar Capital Funding already offers 2 types of credit repair programs: Standard and Rapid.
However, even if you clear up all of the negative information, your score will not improve to above 700 unless you can show the ability to repay your other debts on time.
To get over this hurdle, you want to get Aged Tradelines.

Experian states on its website that a tradeline “…defines the consumer’s account status and activity. Tradeline info comprises names of businesses where the applicant has financial records, dates accounts were opened, credit limits, types of accounts, balances owed and payment histories.”

By ordering tradelines through Stellar Capital Funding, you can show great payment history for multiple years.
We offer two types of tradelines: Authorized User and Primary User.

    Primary User & Authorized User Tradelines

  • Primary User Tradelines
    • A Primary Account Holder is an the person whose name appears first on a credit card. He or she is responsible for paying all monthly bills and fees.
  • Authorized User Tradelines
    • An Authorized User is any person granted authority to use the credit card account of a cardholder. The Authorized User is not responsible for the debt obligation.

How do you know which tradeline accounts you need for YOUR unique situation?
You will likely need multiple tradelines to reach the highest credit scores possible (near 800).

Visit the links above to find out more about pricing for Authorized User and Primary User tradelines.
Then contact one of our credit experts for details!